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Sealy Media is a photography and creative services company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  We leverage our decades of photography experience and our modern creative sensibility to do more than simply make great images (though we certainly do that!).  We build visual identity.

In a world of commerce that lives on the internet, visual boldness and shorter, “snackable” content must be used to draw your audience into your message without losing them and their ever-shrinking attention span to your competition.

We take time to connect with our clients personally in order to be able to create images that reveal something intimate and true about them.  Whether it’s our portrait work, our commercial images or our event coverage, we uncover the soul of what we see and bring it to the audience through bold, vivid and beautiful images and strong content.  Identity begins here and continues with content that holds attention and draws your audience further into your story..

Tim Sealy has had cameras in his hands for over three decades.  From the time he was kid, images in places like Life Magazine, National Geographic and local Houston newspapers sparked his imagination and set him on a path to create stunning images of his own.  After a decade of a professional music career, Tim decided to return to his passion and began to build a body of photography work with local publications, city governments around the valley of the sun and his commercial clients.  Contact Tim to begin work on your next creative endeavor.

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